"The drum is a female instrument whose shape evokes the circle of the earth, the cycle of the seasons, the moon and the woman. The voice of the drum is the voice of the earth, the heartbeat of life in the womb and the hidden power of life. Drumming involves invoking the witch, the sorceress, the hidden source of energy that every woman carries within her, and the beat marks the constant rhythm of life, and even if the drum stops beating, the natural rhythms will continue."

"Red Moon" by Miranda Gray 

Repeating simple rhythms with the drum that are easy to interpret and maintain, verbal and non-verbal communication develops within the group. The drum unites the people playing it with each other and is an instrument of communication and expressive channelling par excellence. It provides a channel back to our essential nature. Learn to play basic rhythms of belly dance, create a rhythmic sequence and play the drum and dance in unison. Bring your own instrument, Darbuka or Daff - if you don't have one, we can lend you a Daff for the workshop.

Saturday 11th. September from 14h. to 18h. 

Learn the basic rhythm of Bellydance on the Daff.

Saturday 25th. September from 14h. to 18h. 

Create a rhythm sequence and dance in unison.  

(participation in the first workshop necessary)

Drum & Dance